Typography "I Love You"

I created this typography sign language "I love you" for my friend Rowena. She wanted it for her anniversary with her boyfriend. She told me what she wanted it to say, and from there I decided it would make sense to use the sign language for "I love you." I took a photo of my hand and quickly cut it out in Photoshop. After completing the project, I realised I would really have liked to have taken a better photo of my hand, emphasizing the highlights and shadows more. Below is just a bit of my process with the photo I started with and the black and white typography graphic I ended with. Rowena asked if I could make it blue or green and I decided to experiment with that idea since I haven't worked with colour in this type of project before. The third image shows the blue gradient version and the fourth image shows the blue and green gradient. The last image is the one she chose to use, with the blue and green gradient against a black background. We actually discovered that version looked best because the files were saved as .png and when we viewed them on our iPhones, they showed up on black backgrounds.

Also, if you're on Instagram, live on O'ahu and are looking for places to eat, check out her page, @ragrinds!