Almay Healthy Glow Makeup + Gradual Self Tan Review / by Kelsey Hamaguchi

I'm back with another Crowdtap review! I've been testing out the Almay Healthy Glow Makeup + Gradual Self Tan foundation for about two weeks now and I'm ready to write my review.

I received two different shades: light and light medium. I tested out both shades, but found light medium works better with my skin tone. I was intrigued by this product because it's something different - a foundation that's supposed to gradually give you a tan!

Here are the benefits/claims taken from the Almay website:

  • Makeup benefits:
    • ‒ Medium coverage foundation perfects skin
    • ‒ Skin looks flawless and luminous
    • ‒ All day wear
    • ‒ Broad Spectrum SPF 20
    • ‒ Dermatologist tested
    • ‒ Hypoallergenic
    • ‒ Available in 3 shades: Light, Light/Medium, and Medium
  • Gradual self tan benefits:
    • ‒ Natural, healthy glow remains after makeup removal*
    • ‒ Overall appearance of bare skin is improved
    • ‒ Long-lasting, beautiful results remain up to 3 days after discontinued product use
    • ‒ Natural looking color
    • ‒ Low to no odor

Now for my review. Pardon the before photos with no makeup on. Haha, I know I'm wearing the same tank top. Anyway, Personally, I don't see much of a difference. Maybe it's the lighting, but even in person, I don't see any changes. The consistency of this foundation is my least favourite thing. It's so heavy and TACKY. I honestly cannot stand when foundations are sticky when I apply them to my face. I have combination skin, leaning more towards being oily. I always apply a primer before my foundation and found that no matter which primer I used, this foundation would still sink into my pores and fine lines. I'm already self conscious about my pores, so this is definitely a negative. The last negative thing I have to say about this foundation is that there is a distinct smell that I guess is the self tanning product? I've never used any self tanners, so I'm not too sure...the smell is definitely more prominent in the light/medium than in the light shade. I don't want this review to only focus on the negatives, of course. I do like the glow that this foundation leaves when applied and I also like that there's SPF in it. Overall, I really wanted to like this product, but it just didn't work for me. It's a really neat concept, and I'm sure with a little work, it will be an effective product in the future! Thanks Crowdtap for letting me try this product for free (:


the first two photos are from about seven days of using the foundation and the last two are from this morning, which is almost two weeks of using the foundation.

I'd give this product three stars out five.