Three days have passed... / by Kelsey Hamaguchi

And I haven't updated like I said I would. Haha, typical Kelsey shenanigans. I don't have much content to upload here and I really don't have anything worth while to write about either. I did however get my Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 lens in the mail today! I'm pretty stoked to start playing around with it. I'm so used to only shooting with my 50mm, so this is a huge change. I needed an affordable wide angle lens and this seemed to be the best option. I need to get used to manual focus though, which is hard cause I always think I'm in focus, when In reality, I'm not. Hoping to try it out tomorrow or next week (: I'm super bummed my Amazon package isn't arriving in time for Christmas. I placed the order a week ago and it didn't ship till two days ago. I have Prime, but it doesn't matter since Hawai'i doesn't get the same advantage of 2 day shipping :( UPS got my hopes up and I got an updated arrival date, which was supposed to be today, but then somehow my package went from Washington to freaking KENTUCKY! That's the opposite direction! Now it's not scheduled to get here till Tuesday :( I guess I lucked out with my camera lens since it was supposed to arrive on Tuesday. Shout out to Adorama for quick shipping! (: Anyway, this is just a jumbled random post, so I'm going to end it with some photos from Canada. Lots of noise in the photos since they were mostly shot at night with no tripod and my shaky hands. Enjoy!