Kailua Off Site Event / by Kelsey Hamaguchi

On Saturday, September 13, I had the opportunity to take photos at an off site event for work. Everything has been so hectic for me lately...Everything from my accident, to working three doubles in a row, and just having bad luck in general. Saturday started with taking some photos for my internship, followed by a host meeting at work. I ended up going straight to the event in Kailua after that and didn't get home till around 10PM that night. I was supposed to take my car into the shop that day, but of course I didn't have time. I ended up taking it in yesterday, so I'm carless for the rest of the week. Fingers crossed that no parts need to be replaced though. Trying to stay positive, regardless of how bad things have been for me lately. Anyway, as I said before, the event took place in Kailua in a house worth $8.5 million. It was a holiday themed party and we were in charge of Halloween. It was an interesting night to say the least. It was fun to be able to shoot photos again. I'm liking my unofficial photographer status. Hahaha. Here are some photos from Saturday!