Moving Forward / by Kelsey Hamaguchi

I have become so bad at keeping up with my blog, and I apologise for that. I've been keeping myself busy with work and looking for an internship/job. A couple weeks ago I went to Kia to look at the Soul since I had decided it was the car I wanted to buy. My dad's friend knew the GM and one thing led to another and I was signing off on forms for a brand new 2014 Kia Soul Plus. Yesterday I got a text from my dad while I was at work and he told me my car had finally arrived. We went down to the dealership after I got off from work, gave them my $3K downpayment in cash, and now I have my new baby in my possession! Of course my dad doesn't trust me driving since I've never driven consistently, but hey, I guess he's just looking out for me. The sad life of a 22 year old who hasn't driven till now. Hahaha. I'm just glad I took the initiative to start my summer with a goal in mind of buying a car by the end of summer, and I actually accomplished it. There were of course a few bumps in the road that involved me spending more than I should've, but I don't regret any of it. Work hard, play hard, right? Also, I interviewed for an internship a couple days ago and got it. So I'm pretty stoked to finally be doing something I enjoy that's beneficial to others and that I can add to my resume. Everyone starts somewhere, and this is my new beginning. Anyway, here are some bad iPhone photos of my new baby. She still needs a name and I love that she matches my new Hydroflask that Kim gave me!

Also, I have a bunch of random photos I edited and never posted. Here's a creepy set of photos I did from a random shoot I did of myself. I had a bunch of Halloween makeup that I got on sale and I decided to experiment with it. Haha. I also worked with lights in the dark. Not really sure what I was going for with the ring with lights wrapped around it, but it's kind of cool, I guess. It's actually a pool noodle I got on sale for less than a dollar at target wrapped with silver duct tape. All my shoots always involve the strangest make shift items. Hahaha, enjoy!