16 June 2014 / by Kelsey Hamaguchi

I couldn't think of anything significant to blog about today. I did however realise that yesterday's post was full of awful grammatical errors...More so than usual. That probably means I shouldn't attempt to blog while watching Netflix. I really should stop watching so much Netflix and do something worth while though. It's embarrassing how much TV I've watched since I've been home. I started to watch Desperate Housewives since there's eight seasons with 20 something episodes per season. It's not something I'd normally watch, but I started watching it and am now on the last episode of season five. Oops. I also finished season two of Orange Is The New Black in a day and a half because I couldn't control myself. Editing a dozen photos a day doesn't count as being productive and I need to start working on my graphic design. I was doing typography doodles for a while, but I quickly gave up, which is something I shouldn't do. Guess I should get to sleep soon since I picked up tomorrow's morning shift and am now working a double. Oh, the things I do to help others and make money. I kind of sort of ended up backing The Lomo Instant Camera Kickstarter last night. I was debating on doing so for so long and decided I didn't need it since I'm supposed to be saving up for a new camera body. For whatever reason, I couldn't help myself and backed it last night. Guess that'll be my early Christmas present to myself since it's going to ship in November. I'm pretty excited though!

Today's photos all have that Instagram feel to them. Very warm and dreamy. I've included a variety of photos from Wales, London, Scotland, and Amsterdam. Sorry this post went up so late (if anyone even reads these blogs). I want to say I'll be more efficient tomorrow, but I can't make promises since I'll be working all day. I'll try and post during my break if I can edit enough photos and get wifi.