What next? / by Kelsey Hamaguchi

Finally got away from my laptop and Netflix today and went back to work. I'm obviously desperate for money since I decided to pick up a Saturday morning bussing shift. Who purposely brings that sort of torture on themselves other than the desperate? Just to be clear, I'm trying to find a job...an actual career that hopefully uses my degree. I've been out of school for a month and job hunting every day since I got home. People need to realise that I'm doing the best I can as of right now. I don't have a car, I'm broke, and there's unfortunately not many opportunities for what I want to do. I know it's my fault for coming home, but this was just the best option for me at the time. I literally had $30 in my bank account upon coming home and already owe my parents money that I borrowed so I could ship my boxes home and what not. It's fine that people want to know what my future plans are, but it would be great if they could refrain from making me feel even more guilt and disappointment in myself than I already feel. 

Anyway, here are more photos I took while I was abroad. Today's photos are either black and white or have an HDR feel. First two photos taken in Wales, UK, next five were taken in London, UK, and the last two were taken in Edinburgh, Scotland. I actually only like the last two photos from this set. Guess that's the whole point of me blogging; to experiment with different styles and find which ones I like best. Sometimes I wish I could send the photos I have of strangers to them. For whatever reason, I like the second to the last photo of that guy going up the stairs.