Let's Try This Again... / by Kelsey Hamaguchi

I've been really reevaluating my life lately and I want to get myself organized and start planning for the future a bit more. I got my wisdoms out a few days ago and that has given me plenty of time to think...I've literally been lounging around watching Netflix, online window shopping, and napping like crazy. I also got really inspired to start carrying around a journal to make a physical mood board sort of thing to get my creativity going again. It all started with me looking for a new planner for 2015. I have always been super into planners. I'm really good at writing everything out, but when it comes to actually completing all the tasks at hand, I can't say I'm the best. Haha. Anyway, I started searching through the "planner" and "planneraddict" hashtags on Instagram and got really inspired by everyone and their Filofax planners, Kikki k planners, Kate Spade planners, Erin Condren planners, etc. I started my search for the perfect planner and decided I wanted a Kate Spade Wellesley planner, which is no longer sold in stores. Lucky for me I have become quite the eBay expert and quickly found one. I couldn't make up my mind in time and someone beat me to purchasing it, leaving me to buy one about $15 more. I know it's not that much, but when you're poor like me, every dollar counts. I decided to go ahead and splurge on this planner since it has binder rings and I'll be able to continue using it for the next few years. While searching on Instagram I also saw that Joann Fabrics was having a sale on scrapbooking stuff and I ended up getting some washi tape, paper pads, and journal cards. I'm so excited for everything to come in the mail even though it's for 2015 and we're still a few months away. I have to start watching my spending again cause I splurged wayyy too much this month on myself between buying new clothes, sunglasses, and eating out. Car payments have also been rough, but I'm putting down more than I need to so I can just pay off my car faster.

That was a really long and boring intro, but I guess that's what blogs are for right? I have been back to working on Morimoto promo stuff again. It's so weird to see flyers I made on the Morimoto social media sites since I'm not the one posting them and there's no credit given. Idk how that makes me feel, but whatever, it's all resume work. I haven't been doing much with Conscious Designers Hawai'i lately, but our Progressive Launch Party is in two weeks! Here are the flyers I've done recently...

The first two flyers were obviously created for Morimoto Waikiki. I created the third flyer for Meg and her fundraiser event, Moonstruck Madness. It's on November 6 from 6PM-1AM at eleven44 and should be a lot of fun if anyone's interesting in coming down! Tickets can be purchased online from Eventbrite. The last two flyers were created for Conscious Designers Hawai'i. We are having our Progressive Launch Party on November 11 at Fishcake and BoxJelly from 5:30-9:30PM. The Kai Makana fashion installation will be on display and we'll have a panel discussion that will give people the opportunity to learn more about sustainable fashion in Hawai'i. Of course there will also be pupus and entertainment, along with the chance to network with people who are educated in sustainable fashion. Tickets again are available for purchase on Eventbrite, and all proceeds will go to Dress A Girl Around the World.