I've Been MIA Again... / by Kelsey Hamaguchi

I don't know if anyone actually reads my blog posts/looks at the photos I post, but in the event that people do, sorry for the lack of posts. I have been so caught up in work, promo stuff for work, and my internship, including being a part of Conscious Designers Hawai'i. Life has been go, go, go, and super hectic, but I'm loving every moment of it! 

Here are some photos I took behind the scenes at the first photo shoot for Conscious Designers Hawai'i. I am a part of the social media team and am really excited to be working with such a great group of people. This is an awesome opportunity to make connections since CDHi is a part of Hawai'i Fashion Month, which is a pretty big event. 

Before I went to the CDHi photo shoot I had lunch with Rowena at work. I took some photos for her to use for her marketing project and for me to use as Morimoto promo flyers, etc. We had a great lunch and Lil' Jon happened to be dining in as well!

Lunch with Rowena and Lil' Jon :')

I'm excited for what's to come, but still worried about getting stuck at the same time. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.